About the DAAA

Dominica Amateur Athletic Association (DAAA) is Dominica's national governing body of athletics in track and field, road running and cross country.

Present Executive (2006):

President:Sharon Philogene
Vice President:Godwin Dorsette
Secretary:Andy Burkard
Treasurer:Lindon Graham
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:Mirium Leslie
Public Relations Officer:Nabi Wallace
Club Representative:Dani Burton
School Representative:TBA
Female Athlete Representative:Nekelia Gregoire
Male Athlete Representative:Brendon Williams

Main Objectives:

  • To develop, encourage, manage and control the Sport of Athletics in Dominica.
  • To ensure that the conduct of Athletics in Dominica shall be governed by standards, regulations and rules laid down by the IAAF.
  • To integrate Athletic activities in and among all communities in Dominica.
  • To ensure that Athletics plays its role as a sport in the educational and cultural advancement of all citizens and residents of Dominica.
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How to reach these goals?

  • By participating in regional and international competitions.
  • By encouraging the formation of Athletic Clubs.
  • By assisting the Sports Division in the school athletic programs.
  • By instituting:
    • a Coaching Association
    • a Panel of Officials